Like many across the globe, I found Avengers: Endgame to be a fitting end to the saga that spanned so many years.

One particular concept that struck me was Time Travel and how it related to Git Version Control System.

In Git, we have a master main branch. We have commits. Then we have branches that emerge out of that main branch, with more commits inside that branch. At any point in time, the developer can switch to any other branch and create a new branch from an existing branch. These branches can be merged with each other too at a future date. And most importantly, no file is truly “lost” even if deleted (unless obliterated).

What if our world, or rather the multiverse, is constructed on the same framework as Git. Multiple timelines (aka branches) are happening in parallel. We live out our lives, and each action we make is a commit in our timeline. Those who have the right syntax to access the fabric of time can switch between timelines - at least the past ones. And the ones who have more privileges can obliterate a timeline and change history.

So, are we in a Simulated Reality, or are we not? Guess I’ll never know.